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Sunday, May 4, 2008

How to measure for a perfect blouse fitting?

Blouses could be stitched perfectly only when the body measurements are taken accurately. It will seem more or less engineering perfection with which we take measurements to get perfect fitting blouses for a young beautiful woman.


The chest or upper body has peculiar body shape and structures with intricate measurement details. It may seem to be simple for wearing a knitted T-shirt on the woman’s body as it adjusts and embraces the body line in curves.


Even if you make a simple pillow cover, cut and open at the bottom, create a neck and two outlets for the hands to insert, it will become a sleeveless modern shirt with strings to tie on the shoulders. It is so simple that it suits to any physical body with out expressing curvilinear figures.


But an Indian women’s dream of wearing a blouse with a sari is noticeably different. It may be regular wearing costume or a highly decorated blouse to wear at occasions. The need and custom is to wear it most tightly on the body line of the back, shoulders, sleeves, breasts and hip.

This is not at all a discomfort, as the blouse clothing more or less adheres to the surface of the body. It is skin tight and makes the movements easy at the arm pit so as to lift and move the hands up and down and circular too.


Such a tight blouse fitting is however covered appealingly by a free flowing sari on the chest. It adds much grace to the breasts as it naturally embraces the body line on its contours.

To make it possible a high-quality tailor can stitch a good blouse for adorning. But, the shocking news is that a good fitting is possible only if the body measurements are taken correctly; and suitable free allowances are given for making the blouse.


A loose blouse gives a doubtful image about the age and real embedded beauty. Too much a tight blouse also may harm the soft and smooth body of a young and tender woman. Hence, a good fitting blouse is the need and further a good measurement system is a must to make it possible.

The body measurements are taken in inches with an inch tape.


Take horizontal circular measurement at the top chest just below the arms and make a note of it. Another measurement is taken by running the tape on the maximum size of the breasts. Just at the bottom of the breast line, another measurement is also taken.


Then the vertical measurements are taken at the back to find the total blouse height, back neck and front neck depths. To make a perfect fit, the breast position and the size are measured. The height from the shoulder up to the nipple point and again to the lower breast line is taken.


The sideway measures from the center of the chest up to the point of nipple and again from the nipple point up to the side of the rib cage give an exact body contours. This measurement positions the size and shape of the beautiful breasts on the body. Thus, the blouse made with breast cups will also automatically fit the breasts perfectly, neck and sleeves gracefully.

The measurements are increased a little to accommodate the stitching allowances. The measurements are then converted into patterns on a paper and cut. This template is used to cut the cloths for stitching. The blouse will be moderately tight assuring great elegance and charismatic appearance.